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6 Pillars of Mind-fullness
Your Brain & Whole Health
2020 Symposium

Be a Navigator of Great Health, Your Health
LIVE ONLINE 10.16.2020 9AM HST

HPN 2020 Symposium

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It is my pleasure and honor to invite you to attend the first ever scientific and medical conference on Brain Health and Wellness in Hawaii. 1 in 6 people over 65 will develop neurological condition like Alzheimer’s dementia which is currently without a cure or treatment. Research has shown strong evidence that lifestyle and wellness and how we live are directly linked to our risk of developing neurological disorders like preventing stroke and headaches. We have gathered Hawaii’s leading experts in Brain Health and Wellness to kick off the first ever symposium in Hawaii and I invite you to join us on this journey.

-Kore Kai Liow, MD, FACP

Director and Principal Investigator
Clinical Research Center dedicated to Brain Science
Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience
Clinical Professor of Medicine (Neurology)
University of Hawaii John Burns School of Medicine


Pat Borman, MD​

6 Pillars of Mind-Fullness: Whole Brain Health

Sriharsha Vajjala, MD

Avoid Insomnia with Rejuvenating Sleep –
Restoration and Healing for Your Brain ​

Jonathan Carlson, MD

Treating the chronic pain patient: a multi-modal approach

Garrett Halweg, MD

“Love One Another”
How Socialization and Finding Community Impact Your Brain

Tracie Ann Tjapkes

Invitation to Greater Well Being

Efland Amerson, PsyD

Enhancing Mental Health and Cognitive Efficiency as you Age: Finding peace through emotional, mental and cognitive health