Nationally Certified Video-EEG Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU)

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Video-EEG Epilepsy Monitoring Unit (EMU) offers both EEG (electroencephalography) equipment to monitor brain activity and video cameras to record body movements during a seizure. Video-EEG monitoring is a way of simultaneously recording the brain wave activity (EEG) and the patient’s behavior. This combined approach gives us a much greater understanding of seizures than would using either technique alone. The monitoring allows us not only to diagnose a seizure problem accurately, but also to design the best possible treatment plan. Patients are monitored in the unit throughout the day and night. Patients may stay in the video-EEG monitoring unit for 4 days for recording the electrical impulses (EEG) causing seizures. Our registered and highly skilled and trained technicians closely monitor our patients and these activity round the clock. Our epilepsy experts are well versed in diverse areas of diagnosis and treatment of seizures and epilepsy, including EEG monitoring, presurgical workup and using new and innovative research medications.

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience is a leading establishment in worldwide epilepsy research. We specialize in helping people with difficult to treat seizures and with unclear diagnosis. Our physicians believe that treating epilepsy does not end with starting antiseizure medications but ends only with the overall well being of people with epilepsy, including their psychological and social well-being.

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Our Neuroscience Center of Excellence is recognized nationally for its work not only in providing most advanced cutting edge treatments, but also work with other centers in US and global to offer groundbreaking Clinical Research. >>Clinical Trials Available in Hawaii

Multidisciplinary Epilepsy Team