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HPN HONOLULU, 2230 Liliha Street #104, Honolulu, HI 96817 (St Francis Liliha)

HPN WEST OAHU, 94898 Lumiaina St. #203, Waipahu, HI 96797 (Waikele Prof. Bldg.)

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Practice Manager

Christalyn Orupabo

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience’s Office Manager is an integral part of the HPN community and will help to ensure that the office maintains services by organizing office operations and procedures; preparing payroll, controlling correspondence; and will communicate throughout the office to ensure that the operations and procedures of the office are being completed at the highest level of integrity. Due to the complexity of healthcare management, the Manager will ensure that the communication in the office is kept open regarding any problems or issues that need to be addressed. She will work with staff to train, coach and guide or oversee job responsibilities. Our patients are the number one reason why we are here and our goal is to ensure that each patient will have a high level of patient care services the manager will work with patients to provide positive feedback on the direction of healthcare should the need arise. We are here to care for patients – here to serve.

Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Assistant Clinical Managers (HPN ACM) work collaboratively to ensure that all staff and management are working together for a common goal.

They are crossed trained in a number of areas including administrative duties from answering phones and scheduling patients to human resource support, Medical Assisting, Insurance and Eligibility requirements and Billing procedures.

HPN ACMs will work with physicians to ensure that orders are being carried out and are a conduit of information that will be dispersed through the office in an effective manner. Our highly skilled assistants are here to answer any questions you may have and ensure that you get the patient satisfaction you are entitled to.

WO Supervisor

Jessalyn Lau

HNL Supervisor

Melanie Vakalalabure

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Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Administrative Medical Assistants (HPN AMA) are cross-trained to perform a number of administrative functions throughout the clinical experience. They are responsible for ensuring that your insurance and demographic information is current and will assist you with the coordination of benefits. There are many patients who have multiple forms of insurances to help cover the cost of medical care. It is important for a patient to be aware of who their primary payer would be so that we can ensure that the correct insurance in order of priority is billed. Our AMA’s are available to help you update any demographic information as well as help answer any additional questions you may have. HPN’s AMA’s will also be responsible for scheduling for follow up visits and help to coordinate multiple procedures that may be requested by HPN physicians. There are a number of special requests that come through our office – the AMA can act as a liaison to help get you started in the right direction.

Business Office Administrative Assistant to the Director

Kimberly Ko

Michelle Liow – Healthcare Administrator / Christalyn Ko – Practice Manager / Kimberly Ko – Administrative Assistant to the Director / Ashley Bass – Human Resources /  Alisyn Vinsh – Accounting and Budget Analyst /  Melanie Vakalalabure – HNL Site Supervisor / Jessalyn Lee – WO Site Supervisor / Kelly Asahi – Medical Assistant Supervisor / Catherine Mitchell – Clinical Research Supervisor / Jasmin Oania – Billing Supervisor / Tiare Young -Pt Eligibility Supervisor

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