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Stroke and Neurologic Restoration Center


The mission of the Hawaii Pacific Neuroscience Stroke Prevention Planning Committee is to engage the local community and connect the highest-risk individuals with the necessary specialty care and then offer resources and encouragement to the broader community in order to connect them to a continuum of care that ultimately reduces their risk for stroke. The activities planned have clinical evidence showing that they can help modify behaviors and outcomes that influence the risk of stroke.

Proposed services

  1. Blood pressure clinics
  2. Stroke Risk Assessment using evidence based tools
  3. Self management programs and dispensing of blood pressure monitors for home use
  4. Carotid ultrasound based on stroke risk assessment scores
  5. Tobacco cessation programs
  6. Nutrition classes (DASH diet, MIND diet)
  7. Biomarker testing (C-reactive protein and other markers related to increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease) and intervention to help lower levels
  8. Glucose testing

Our Neuroscience Center of Excellence is recognized nationally for its work not only in providing most advanced cutting edge treatments, but also work with other centers in US and global to offer groundbreaking Clinical Research.

Clinical Trials Available in Hawaii

This clinic uses a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to develop and bring innovative treatments to patients in Hawaii who have suffered from a stroke. We have a goal of significantly improving the chances of an excellent recovery. Our approach includes optimizing rehabilitation efforts and the use of Botox injections for dystonia and spasticity, which can help to improve mobility and function. The clinic works closely with patients in preventing stroke as well. This includes the most up to date medical therapies but HPN also focuses on lifestyle modifications. A holistic approach is applied, addressing mental concerns as well as diet and healthy activities. We collaborate as needed in achieving our goals, including working with the Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Center at Castle Medical Center; and especially the smoking cessation program.

Lecture on “Code Stroke” by Jason Viereck, MD, PhD, Director of Stroke Center

Meet Our

Multidisciplinary Team

Dr. Kore Kai Liow MD, FACP, FAAN


Principal Investigator, Clinical Research Center,
BRITL (Brain Research, Innovation & Translation Labs)
BCI (Brain Computer Interface) & Brain Mapping Lab
Director, Center for Neurostimulation,
Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, Memory Disorders Center

Dr. Jason Chang MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Chief Strategic Officer
Director, Spine & Pain Management
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation Center
Subinvestigator, Clinical Research Center

Dr.Jason Viereck MD, PhD


Director, Parkinson's & Movement Disorders Ctr
Comprehensive MS Center, Stroke & Neurologic Rehabilitation Center

Dr. Sriharsha Vajjala MD

Internal Medicine/Sleep Medicine

Subinvestigator, Clinical Research Center

Dr. Vimala Vajjala MD


Director, Video-EEG Epilepsy Monitoring Unit
Neurodiagnostic Institute of Technology,
Headache & Facial Pain Center

Dr. Paul Smith MD

Lifestyle Medicine

Director, Self Care & Wellness Center

Dr. Qing X. Li PhD

Basic Science

Dr. Kent Yamamoto MD

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Director, Concussion & TBI Center

Dr. Todd Uchima MD


Clinical Research Center

Dr. Chris Larrinaga, APRN-BC, MSN, CNRN


Clinical Research Center

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